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Coffee Printer

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Tricolor Coffee x1, Matcha x1, Golden yellow x1
Coffee Coffee x3
Matcha Matcha x3
Golden yellow Golden yellow x3
Product description

Replacement ink cartridge for WiibooxSweetin coffee printer.,
3 colors: coffee, matcha and golden yellow for choice.
Safety and Quality Assurance: FDA/MSDS/SGS certificated.
Easy to install, each one can print about 800-1000 cups depending on size of printing.
One Year Shelf Life. While once it is opened, it has 6 months for storage life.

Create Fantastic Decorations on Drinks and Desserts
  • Coffee

  • Yogurt

  • Biscuits

  • Cakes

What Can You Do with the Printer ?
  • Classic Latte Art Patern

    66 preset classic coffee image galleryto make you a professional barista.
  • Pictures

    Turn any picture in your phone album into a creative edible decor.
  • Words

    Make any words on the pad and print them out.
  • Photos

    Print any of your photos out